In Print:

45th Parallel, Banshee, Bombay Gin, Booth, Cake, Crannog, Emerge, Horror Writers Association Poetry Showcase 2015, New South, Outlook Springs, Stone Boat, Vector Press, Spy Kids Review, Wizards in Space, Spirit Lake, Verse Wisconsin, Midwestern Gothic.


Abyss & Apex, Apex Magazine, Booth, Atlas & Alice, Booth, Fogged Clarity, Freezeray, Ghost City Press, Gamut, Hobart, Liminality, Pidgeonholes, Prick of the Spindle, Sleet, Split Lip, Vagabond City Lit, Sliver of Stone, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Glass, Hobart, Public Pool, Rust + Moth, Uncanny, (b)oinkzine,  Gulf Stream, Birds Piled Loosely, Spilled Milk, Recompose, Noble/Gas Quarterly, Zouch, Story, Interrobang, Emerge, Chamber 4, Utter, Neon, Driftwood, Treehouse, The Lake, Fat City Review, Mojave River Review, Cease Cows, The Maynard, Black Heart, Soft Blow, Alien mouth, Lockjaw, Extracts, Phantom Kangaroo.


Some selections:

This Will Be Your Fortune Long After I Can Tell You (SWWIM)

Other Words for Wanting (Glass)

The Detective, Years After (Abyss & Apex)

3 Poems (Hobart)

All Melusine’s Daughters (Rust + Moth)

Aphelion (Glass) 

Questions for the Girls Turned to Limbs (Uncanny)