In Print

Fractured West, Rock & Sling, Rosebud, Supernatural Tales, The Martian Wave, Unbound Octavo



Bartleby Snopes, Gamut, Flash Fiction Online, Syntax & Salt, Mirror Dance, The Future Fire, Luna Station Quarterly, Diabolical Plots, Third Point Press, Smokelong Quarterly, Rose Red Review, Non-Binary Review,  Wyvern, Cheap Pop, Full of Crow, Cartagena, Fiction Vortex, Menacing Hedge, Drunken Boat, The Bohemyth, The Molotov Cocktail, The Quotable, Gingerbread House, The Stoneslide Corrective, Bookanista, The Rain Party and Disaster Society, Leopard Seal, Cease Cows.

Here are a few:

Balancing Beams (Little Fiction)   (Astronauts!)

The Intimacy of Objects (Jellyfish Review) (Astronauts and 😉 )

Dropping Dimes (Bull) (Basketball!)

A Reunion of Waves (Third Point Press)     (Floods!)

So This (Flash Fiction Online)  (A dog!)

A Sense of Taste (Drunken Boat) (Space fruit!)

A Place You Know (Smokelong Quarterly) (Pancakes!)

See Sky Sea Sky (Syntax & Salt) (Creepy Sky Women!)

Other Names (Cosmonauts Avenue)  (Auras!)

Waves Like Constellations (Longleaf Review) (Disappearance!)

Thematic Cartography (Bartleby Snopes) (Charts!)

All Along the Mall (The Future Fire)  (Shopping! But SCARY!)

People You May Know (Luna Station Quarterly) (The Future!)

A Room for Lost Things (Diabolical Plots) (The Past!)

Lover, I’ll Be Waiting (Wyvern Lit) (Don’t Mess With Women!)

The First to Cross the Bridge (Stoneslide Corrective) (The Devil?)

Five Fairy Tales About the End of the World (Gingerbread House)  (Grimm!)

Sometimes the Scenery is Beautiful (Fiction Vortex) (Death is a Bestie!)

Gyromancy (Bookanista) (Dizzy!)

For You, I am Closer than the Sky (Wyvern Lit) (Doughnuts!)

“Out in the Night, I Found Myself Falling” Third Point Press  (Space! AND DARKNESS!)



“Jumpers” in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet (It’s more astronauts. Goddammit I love them)

“Between the Axis and the Stars” in Little Fiction (ASTRONAUTS. HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY I LOVE THEM?)

“They are Coming for You So You Better Run You Better Run so You Can Hide” in Jellyfish Review (Ast–no, it’s zombies actually!)