Current Things (February 2nd, 2018)

So I’ve published a few things over the past month, have some exciting things coming out soon, and also am starting to get reviews of my book!

First off, though, February is charity month at Cotton Xenomorph, so I’ll tell you all about that here. For the entire month, if you donate ten dollars or more to the charity of your choice (and e-mail us a receipt) we’ll be offering editorial critiques. Hannah, Teo, and I all take editing very seriously and we’ll take care of your work! Please read more about it here!

I had two poems over at Rabid Oak, which you can read here! I also have a flash fiction story at Third Point Press which can be found here!

I have pieces coming out soon from Little Fiction, Hypertrophic Press, Former Cactus, and more.

In non-fiction-y news, I had two new Horror 101 posts at Nerds of a Feather. They can be found here and here!

I also was so delighted and honored to read this review of my book, by Yael van der Wouden at The Wilds!



Author: cnc0

cnc0 is a creative writer. Hopefully her blog doesn't make people question this choice.

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